About Me

Zahraa Stuart

PhD Candidate & Fitness Entrepreneur

I’m Zahraa(Zara) Stuart, born and raised in Lebanon Beirut, I came to New York few years ago to pursue my degree in Electrical Engineering. Upon graduation I joined Stony Brook University to continue my graduate (PhD) studies in Electrical engineering (Statistical Signal Processing).
Beside my research in the field of statistics and signal modeling , I enjoy reading and writing about Science, Engineering, Technology, and mathematics (STEM) education in the US. I design and run engineering camps for middle and high school students and conduct research in that field too. I enjoy and understand the importance of taking care of ones health and wellness and for that reason I joined forces with OPEX Fitness Mount Sinai, the one and only gym on long island, New York, with individualized approach to fitness. I’m currently the CEO of OPEX Mount Sinai Fitness and my mission is to make healthy lifestyle approachable and doable for all busy individuals.

Email me: zahraastuart@gmail.com

Publications that Involves Me

Science Training & Research to Inform Decisions Student Spot Light
Valedictorian-Electrical Engineering
IEEE HKN President-Outstanding Chapter Award
Armstrong Memorial Research Foundation Award
WISE Program
WISE Virtual Camp

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